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GRTV News - State of Play and Nintendo Direct für heute eingestellt

Die beiden Shows fallen wieder auf denselben Tag.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News.
Today we have two things to talk about because, well, they've kind of come out of the woodworks and sort of surprised us a little bit because Nintendo has announced a new Direct and PlayStation has announced a new State of Play and they're both taking place today."

"So that's what we're gonna be talking about today and with that being the case, let's crack right on.
Official Nintendo Direct tomorrow, which today, but it doesn't look like this will be, this won't be when the Nintendo Switch's successor will be unveiled."

"So yeah, don't expect a Nintendo Switch successor here.
Finally, the rumours of the last few days have crystallised and Nintendo has confirmed that tomorrow, 14th of September at 1600 CEST, we will have a new Nintendo Direct and this is the information here."

"Tune in on the September 14th at 7am PST or PT for a Nintendo Direct livestream featuring roughly 40 minutes of information focused on Nintendo Switch games releasing this winter.
So again, this is the key bit here, focused on Nintendo Switch games releasing this winter.
Whoops, daisy, didn't want to do that."

"Yeah, this is probably like the key thing what this is going to be about.
So expect things like, you know, WarioWare, Mario RPG, probably another Mario Bros.
Wonder Trailer, Detective Pikachu, all that good stuff.
Probably even a trailer for the next Pokemon expansion as well, that sort of stuff."

"There will be a broadcast of around 40 minutes in which the company will present its upcoming video game releases for this winter.
That is until March 2024.
It seems that this statement dashes our hopes of seeing the long-awaited Nintendo Switch 2 announcement tomorrow, although there is always hope of seeing a brief tease at the end of the presentation where we are scheduled for a later event."

"In less than 24 hours, we'll see if the alleged leaks about upcoming F-Zero titles Donkey Kong or the long-awaited announcement of Metroid Prime 4 are confirmed.
But before we start unpacking that, let's talk about this.
PlayStation to reveal exciting games in State of Play on Thursday."

"Let's start the day with a great Nintendo Direct before ending it with PS5 news in less than 24 hours.
Back in 2020, Sony and Nintendo gave us a cool surprise by having a State of Play and Direct on the same day, the 13th of September."

"This was apparently a success as the two companies are doing the same thing this year.
Nintendo confirmed it's having a direct stream at 3pm BST, 4pm CEST tomorrow, the 14th of September, a few hours ago.
And now it's Sony's turn to officially announce that the State of Play stream will start at 10pm BST, 11pm CEST."

"We're told today's show will focus on updates to previously announced games coming to PlayStation consoles, from indie and PSVR 2 highlights to major upcoming titles from our third-party partners.
So don't expect this to be where we'll get the official unveiling of Ghost of Tsushima's sequel."

"Gameplay from Insomniac's Wolverine or Ben's Day has gone follow-up.
You'll still get to see the PlayStation Studios logo though, so I know some will be excited.
What do you hope to see in the State of Play?
As usual, PlayStation have been a bit more tight-lipped about what they plan on showing in this showcase."

"The direct, it's very much like, you know, this is what's coming for the Switch over the next, throughout the winter, right?
So we kind of know what that's going to be.
We know some of the games are already coming that will most likely be featured in some of the things that have been teased before, which no doubt will get some airtime as well."

"But as for the PlayStation 1, again, mainly indie, mainly PSVR 2, mainly titles from third-party partners.
But there is chances for, you know, some first-party stuff there as well.
But yeah, again, Nintendo Directs at 3pm today, UK time, 4pm European time."

"The State of Play is at 10pm UK time, 11pm European time.
And of course, you know, if you want to check out all that information, you'll be able to find all the news and trailers and all that good stuff on your local Game Rector region.
So be sure to stay tuned and follow that for all the big information."

"But yeah, as we know more about this, no doubt tomorrow we'll be talking about some of the reveals from these shows.
So yeah, until then, hope you enjoy the rest of your Thursday and we'll see you on the next show."

"Take care, everyone."


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