The Shanghai Dragons have won the June Joust 2021

The Overwatch League organisation defeated May Melee victors Dallas Fuel to take the tournament.

This weekend saw the conclusion of the June Joust 2021 tournament for the Overwatch League, an event that marks the second major-level event for this season. The tournament saw four teams qualify for the finals series (Shanghai Dragons, Dallas Fuel, Atlanta Reign, and the New York Excelsior), but only saw the Dragons and Fuel qualify for the tournament deciding match on Sunday morning (for us Europeans).

The match was a repeat of the May Melee finals that saw the Fuel and the Dragons face-off, with the Fuel managing to take the win. However, at the June Joust, we saw a different outcome as the Dragons were able to stave off the Fuel, taking home the tournament across a match that went right down to the wire and resulted in a 4-3 victory.

The victory not only rewarded the Dragons $100,000 in prize money, but it gave them 3 League Points, enough to put them at the top of the OWL standings (one point ahead of the Fuel).

Next on the list will be the Summer Showdown. The qualifiers are expected to start on Friday, June 25, but we can expect more information from the League about the tournament over the next few days.


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